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Li Ping
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Li Ping,born in Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang Province, graduated from School of economics and management in Harbin University of Science and Technology, majored in technology economics and management.I am a doctoral candidate of China Agricultural University, majoring in management science and engineering . Now I worked at the Department of business administration, School of economics and management, in Beijing University of Agriculture, associate professor, supervisor of postgraduate.

The main research direction: research direction for the management of technical innovation, enterprise management, agricultural technology economic direction; research direction for the production and operation management, financial management, ERP, management information system, the evaluation of investment project courses.

In the research topics

 (1) 2014-2015 presiding over the projects of Beijing planning office of philosophy and social science <The study on technological innovation mechanism and mode in Beijing Agricultural Sci-Tech Enterprises> ;

 (2) 2012-2014 presided over the projects of Beijing Natural Science Fund <The study on technological innovation capability evaluation and path selection in Beijing Agricultural Sci-Tech Enterprises> .

The completed the task

 (1) 2010-2011 presided over the project "Research on tax planning of Beijing Aerospace Bode Sci-Tech limited liability company"

 (2) 2007-2009 presided over the project “the Study on the measure and evaluatio of Beijing agricultural technology innovation ability of Beijing University of Agriculture humanities and Social Science Fund".

 (3) 2010-2012 As the backbone, attended Beijing Natural Science Fund Project " the study on formation and evaluation of agricultural science and technology innovation capability in Beijing suburban districts and counties ". (third participants)

The main teaching and scientific research achievements:

1Li Ping,Zhang Ning,Li Yu-hong( chief  editor )“Research on tax planing  based on Financial management for small and medium-sized enterprises”Chian Agricultural Press,May , 2010

2Li Ping, Chen Xiu-zhi  ( chief  editor) Financial Management China Agricultural Press ,Feb.2010

3Li Ping(associate editor ) Management Chian  Agricultural Press, 2011

4Li Ping(associate editor ) Agricultural Enterprise Management China  Agricultural Press, 2012

5Li Ping( as one of the editor) Assessment on Investment Projects” Southeast University Publishing House,Aug. 2005

The Published research papers:

 (1)the analysis of system structure and mechanism of endogenous technology innovation on the agricultural science and technology enterprises, Journal of Beijing University of Agriculture 2012.10 corresponding author

(2)Li Ping“Characteristics for Agricultural innovation and influencing factors analysis ”. Essay collection for 2007-2008 agriculture development analysis. April 2009

(3)Li Ping Preliminary Study on Evaluation Theory of Agricultural technology innovation. Essay collection for 2005-2006 agriculture development analysis, June 2007

(4)Li Ping Thinking on The Construction of Agricultural Technology Innovation System. Essay collection for 2005 Agricultural IPR Management Training Sessions, September 2006

(5)Li Ping Study on Problems of Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation. Essay collection for agricultural economics and agricultural development, Agricultural Science and Technology Press, October 2006.

Contact information: office:80799154- 802