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Li Ruifen
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 Li Ruifen  Professor

Curriculum Vitae


Li Ruifen, born in Shaanxi, graduated from School of Economics and Management,  China Agricultural University in 1991, is a professor and master tutor of the Department of Accounting, College of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Agriculture, in part-time service as an executive director of Academic Committee of Chinese Township Enterprises Association, director of Chinese Accounting Society, director of Chinese Society of Agricultural Accounting, director of Beijing Accounting Association and director of Beijing Association of Agricultural Economics.  

Research interests: Rural development, rural finance and farmers professional cooperative.

Courses: Financial management and anaysis, assessment on investment projects, accounting, and so on.

Awards and Honors:

(1)Youth Science and Technology Award granted by Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies in 2004.

(2) The activity of “Approaching Practices of Accounting” won the first Outstanding Award of Teaching Courseware in Beijing in 2008.

(3) The textbook Principle of Accounting was granted as Excellent Textbook in Colleges and Universities of Agriculture or Forestry.

Representative Publications:

(1) Li Ruifen. Theories and Practices of Rural Financial Management[M]. Beijing: China Agricultural Press, 2008.05              

(2)Li Ruifen. Research on Financial Problems of Farmers Professional Cooperative[M]. Beijing: China Agricultural Press, 2010.01   (The first author)

(3) Li Ruifen. Principles of Accounting[M]. Beijing: China Agricultural Press, 2009.10     (4) Li Ruifen. Investigation and Analysis of the Current Situation of Agricultural Industry Associations in Beijing [J]. Problems of Agricultural Economy.2008.01

(5) Li Ruifen. Analysis of the Factors Restricting the Transfer of Rural Labor Force

 [J]. World of Investigation and Survey.2009.02 


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