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The Veterinary Science
Author: Time:2013-10-17 21:42:05

Belonging to the school of Animal Science and Technology in Beijing University of Agriculture, veterinary medicine which has a long history and covers a broad range plays a great role in the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, ensuring the development of the aquaculture, public security and the research of life science. There are 32 faculty staffs, comprising 21 teachers having Ph.D., 1 Beijing outstanding teacher, 20 master tutors. Veterinary medicine has already formed a great team of higher academic level and reasonable age structure focusing on specialty teaching and academic research.


The outstanding scientific researches in the Veterinary medicine have earned high recognition. A total of more than 80 awards for scientific and educational achievements have been granted to our faculty members, including National Key Basic Research Program (973), National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-year and twelve Plan, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Planning topics at provincial level and crosswise programs. Among them, there are 13 national and provincial longitudinal programs, and the scientific research funds exceed 20 million. One provincial science and technology award is achieved; 11 works and textbooks are issued; 240 papers are published, 40 of which are indexed in SCI; and 5 national invention patents are obtained. Nearly 200 doctors (including united training)and masters have graduated.

Veterinary Medicine composed of foundational veterinary, preventive veterinary and clinical veterinary is a characteristic major at Beijing municipal level and State level. And clinical veterinary science is the key construction disciplines in Beijing. There are 2 academic master's degree authorized units of foundational and clinical veterinary and 1 professional master's degree authorized unit of veterinary. And over 20 teaching, researching and practising bases at external of our University, are provided by Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group, China Animal Husbandry Industry Co., Ltd, Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co., Ltd, Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd and Beijing Guanshang Animal Hospital and other organizations.

After the construction and development in several years, the subject has forming the obvious features and advantages in the following 4 aspects:

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: It is the key construction discipline in Beijing. Based on the fundamental research of preventing and treating animal diseases using Chinese medicine and acupuncture conducted in The Key Laboratory of Beijing, the advanced talented people who can inherit and advocate Traditional Chinese Medicine will be cultivated.


Clinical and Pet Medicine: It is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, meanwhile the subject develops the study of clinical intractable diseases, such as pet senile diseases, according to the characteristics of the city life in Beijing and cultivates advanced clinical veterinarian.


Pharmacology and Diseases Prevention and ControlClosely combining animal food safety and zoonosis and other public health field, the subject develops the study of veterinary pharmacological, toxicology, residue, major infectious diseases and parasitic diseases, and cultivates senior specialized personnel of public health for animal medicine, food safety and zoonosis.


Reproductive physiology and reproductive failure: using modern technology aimed at Beijing seed industry development strategy, taking the studies of primarily improve reproductive capacity of livestock and poultry and companion animal as the main task, promoting the characteristic researches of the system of embryo production in vitro, oocyte maturation in vitro, cultivation mechanism of embryos in vitro fertilization, sperm capacitation in vitro and reproductive diseases etc. and cultivating advanced professional veterinarian students who can ensure the healthy development of the aquaculture and have the wide vision of embryo biology, reproductive biology and developmental biology.