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Du Yanli
Author: Time:2013-09-30 14:19:40

Yan-Li DU (Associate professor, Ph.D.)

Gained Ph.D. from Nankai University in 2002. Associate professor and master’s instructor in the Department of Plant Protection, College of Plant Science and Technology. Post doctor in University of Alberta during 2002 and 2003, visiting scholar in the British Museum of Natural History in 2010.

Research Interests:

Mainly research on Lepidoptera insects and their host plants, the relationship between insect electrophysiology and chemical ecology, insect species diversity and systematics, and integrated control technology of peach borer.

Teaching “General Entomology”, “Insect Taxonomy”, “Introduction to Plant Protection”, “Plant Quarantine Technology”, “Urban Entomology” courses. In the recent 5 years, chaired 2 of the National Natural Science Funds, 5 of provincial (including key) and other research projects, published more than 30 papers (including 10 SCI papers); edited 4 academic books; obtained 2 of the national invention patents; won the 2nd-prize of Beijing Excellent Youth Scholars entomological society once; won the 3rd-prize in Beijing multimedia education software college once, won the 2nd-prize of higher education teaching achievement and 3rd-prize of the 3rd session of excellent multimedia courseware in Beijing University of Agriculture. Prized as nova of science and technology in Beijing city in 2006, and youth backbone teacher in Beijing city in 2010.

Representative achievements:

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