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Fan Shangxi
Author: Time:2013-09-30 14:12:52

Fan Shuangxi, born in December 1964,is a member of Chinese communist party, DAG, and full professor. He serves as assistant principal of Beijing University of Agriculture at present. He also holds concurrent posts as the standing director of China Horticultural Association and facilities branch, vice president of Beijing Agricultural Association and Beijing vegetable society, the member of a council of National Universities and Colleges Teaching Research Society, vice chairman of National Agricultural Universities and Colleges teaching research Society, visiting scholar of Chiba University. He was awarded the National Agriculture Science & Technology Promotion Pacesetter for the first time and the Beijing Economic & Technological Innovation Pacesetter and so on.

1Professional Experiences

1989.081996.10, Teach Assistant, Vegetable Teaching and Research Director, Department of Horticulture, Beijing University of Agricalture ,Beijing

1996.111998.09, Vice Director, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, Beijing University of Agricalture ,Beijing

1998.101999.10, Visiting Scholar, Ministry of Horticulture, Chiba University, Chiba

1999.112002.06, Vice Director , Head of Department, DAG, Department of Horticulture, Beijing University of Agricalture ,Beijing

2002.072003.11, Head of Department,Professor, Plant Science and Technology College , Beijing University of Agricalture ,Beijing

2003.12 now, Director of Registry, Principal Assistant, Professor, Beijing University of Agricalture , Beijing

2Education teaching achievements

He gives a lecture on “Pandect on Horticulture”, “Protected Horticulture”, " New Technology of Protected Vegetables ", " Advances in Vegetable Science " and so on. He had edited in chief and published "11th five-year plan" textbook such as “Horticulture plant culture "and" Horticulture plant culture experiment guidance",thus receiving the Excellent Textbook Award of the National Agricultural Universities and Beijing Boutique Textbook. He won two 1st prizes of Beijing Higher Education Achievement.

3Achievements in scientific research

He serves as chief expert of Beijing leafy vegetables innovation team of modern agricultural technology system currently.The main research interests consist of vegetable stress-resistance physiological and biological technology application, leafy vegetable breeding and efficient quality cultivation. He had presided over the completion of ten national or provincial scientific research projects and bred four new cultivars, as well as proposed three standardization technical regulations. He won the 2nd Prize of Science & Technology Progress, Ministry of Agriculture and the 3rd prize of National Science & Technology Progress. He had published 60 research papers and 2 monographs.