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Fang Kefeng
Author: Time:2013-09-30 14:11:07

Dr. Kefeng Fang, female, associate professor, Master’s tutor. My research mainly focuses on plant developmental biology and sexual reproduction. Recently, I undertook and attended more than ten scientific research subjects and more than 20 papers were published. At this time, four patents were authorized. In 2004, I attended the Seventeenth International Conference on Plant Sexual Reproduction and the Sino-German Symposium. And in 2006, I attended the Second International Symposium on Plant Neurobiology.

Now, my research is concerning on Pomology. I undertake three National Science Foundation of China Free Projects and Fund for Outstanding Personnel of Beijing, and participate in Major State Basic Research Development Program (973 program) and National Key Technology R&D Program in the 12th Five-year Plan of China.

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