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Han Baoping
Author: Time:2013-09-30 14:01:45


Bao-Ping HAN (Associate Professor)

Native place is in Shanxi Province. Associate professor and master’s instructor in the Department of Agricultural Resources and Environment, College of Plant Science and Technology. Minister of Student Affairs Office, Beijing University of Agriculture.


Research Interests:

Undertake the task of teaching of agricultural ecology, agricultural system engineering, policy, the situation of university student occupation career planning courses.

Presided over the portable pest rapid diagnosis system development project, application of the horticultural therapy in Agricultural College Students' psychological health education project, evaluation the effects of counselors depth counseling and supervision mechanism research project. Won the honorary titles such as outstanding teachers of Beijing City, outstanding village cadre worker of Beijing City.

Representative achievements:

Developed the handheld “know-farming” for village cadre worker; edited “college student occupation career planning and development” and “ecological agriculture” two ordinary higher education “12th Five-Year” planning materials; edited “the youth footprint college-graduate village official growth process”, “the university student village official training course” and so on more than 10 books; published “Beijing urban agriculture development theory”, “outstanding people-oriented concept in student work to promote the harmonious development of students”, “improve the mechanism of the construction of learning student work team”, “carry forward the Beijing spirit of innovation of student party builds the job”, “the study and practice of student party education and training system” and so on more than 30 research papers.

Contact information

Email:, Tel: 010-80799119