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Kang Enkuan
Author: Time:2013-09-30 13:54:56

En-Kuan KANG (Associate Professor)

Native place is in Shaanxi Province. Gained M.D. from China Agricultural University in 1995, major in crop cultivation and tillage. Associate Professorin the Department of Agronomy, College of Plant Science and Technology.

Research Interests:

Wheat Genetics and breeding and farming technology.

Teaching “Crop Cultivation”, “Principle of Cropping System and Soil Management”, “Dry Farming in China and Abroad”, “Brand Agriculture”, “Agriculture Standardization”, “Plant Skills Training” courses. Awarded the 3rd-prize of “Harvest Plan” of Ministry of Agriculture, the 3rd-prize of science and technology progress in Beijing, the 1st-prize of teaching achievement award in Beijing University of Agriculture, and several other departmental awards.

Representative achievements:

wheat cultivars Beinong 66 and Beinong 67 were examined and approved.

Contact information

Email:, Tel: 13621042332