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Li Runzhi
Author: Time:2013-09-30 13:45:17

Run-Zhi LI (Associate professor)

Native place is in Inner Mongolia. Gained Ph. D. from China Agriculture University. Associate professor in College of Plant Science and Technology. The vice secretary of seed profession committee of Crop Science Society of China.

Research Interests:

Seed science and engineering, weed resistance identification. Presided and participated in 7 projects funded by the National Natural Science Fund, public welfare industry Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture special "948" projects, teaching "seed processing storage", "seed law" and "water saving agriculture" courses.

Representative achievements:

1 Li, R.Z., Wang, S.W., Duan, L.S., et al.. Genetic Diversity of wild oat (Avena fatua) populations from China and the United States. Weed Science, 2007.

2 Mohamed, I., Li, R.Z., You, Z.G., et al.. Japanese Foxtail (Alopecurus japonicus) Resistance to Fenoxaprop and Pinoxaden in China. Weed Science. 2012.

3 LI Run-zhi, CHEN Chen, ZHANG Pei-pei, et al.. Advances in Research on Genetic Resources and Breeding and Genetics of Oat(Arena sativa L.).

XIANDAI NONGYE KEJI. 2009. (in Chinese)

4 LI Run-zhi, ZHANG Juan, CHEN Gui-xian, et al.Detection method of farmland weed resistance. Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin2011. (in Chinese)

5 LI Run-zhi, ZHANG Juan.Application of SSR technology in the research of genetic diversity. Anhui Agricultural Sciences2010. (in Chinese)

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