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Liu Yun
Author: Time:2013-09-30 13:43:07

Liu Yun: Female, Born in 1971, Professor. She is working for department of agriculture resources and environment, plant science and technology college, Beijing University of Agriculture. In 2003, she graduated from college of resources and environment science, China Agricultural University and obtained the doctor degree of ecology science, and in 2008 she went to Wageningen University as a visiting scholar for 1 year. She give such courses as “landscape ecology”, “remote sensing technology and application”, “agricultural resources information system”, “land-use planning”, “Watershed non-point source pollution and ecological engineering”. It had published more than 30 papers (including 8 articles indexed by EI) and 1 software copyright, 4 teaching material book and 1 monograph. Contact with her by the E-mail:

She mainly engaged in landscape ecology research concerning for the landscape pattern and land use change, for example, the social and natural drive mechanism of land use change and its environmental effect, etc. she has hosted and joined the subjects as follows:

Hosed projects:

1.         National Natural Science Foundation for China General Program: “The regulation mechanism for controlling agricultural non-point source pollution by landscape pattern and process principle in Beijing suburbs” (Number: 40871232; Execution time: 2009, 1-2011, 12);

  1. 2.         National Natural Science Foundation of China for Youth Scholar Program: “The application of sustainable land use based on the landscape ecological and thermal infrared remote sensing in suburbs” (Number: 40501029; Execution time: 2006, 1-2008, 12);

  2. 3.         China Scholarship Exchange Program cooperation with Dutch Government: “The research on temporal-spatial dynamics of land use and sustainable management model in Daxing district of Beijing” (2008, 10-2009, 10);

  3. 4.         Open Subject by Key Laboratory for Agricultural Application and New Technique of Beijing University of Agriculture: “the design for recommended fertilization expert system of Pinggu peach” (2007, 1-2008, 12);

  4. 5.         Talents training Program of the Organization Department: “The research on quantitative ecological tourism resources in shallow mountain area of Beijing -A case study in Changping district” (2006, 1-2007, 12);

  5. 6.         Introduce Talents Program of Beijing University of Agriculture: “The study on pattern optimization for suburban landscape in Beijing” (2005, 1-2008, 12).

Participated projects:

  1. 1.         Sino-Dutch Cooperation Project: “The research on sustainable regional land use resources in different level scales based on crop model and 3S technology” (Number: SAIL-SPP 299.399; Execution time: 2000, 1-2004, 12);

  2. 2.         National Natural Science Foundation for China General Program: “The study on sustainable management method in Tianshan forest ecological system” (Number: 39660066; Execution time: 1997, 1-1999, 12);

  3. 3.         National Natural Science Foundation for China General Program: “The study on ecological function in Tianshan spruce coarse woodiness residues” (Number: 39960063; Execution time: 2000, 1-2002, 12);

  4. 4.         National Natural Science Foundation for China General Program: “The research on the crop growth simulation and early warning by inversion crop canopy temperature based on remote sensing” (Number: 30270776; Execution time: 2003, 1-2005, 12).