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Liu Zhengping
Author: Time:2013-09-30 13:41:48

Personal Information


Sex: Female

Date of Birth: March  9, 1958

Place of Birth:  Bei Jing, China       

Company Address: Dept. of Plant Science and Technology Beijing University of Agriculture

No. 7 Beinong Road, Huilong Guan Town ,Changping District,Beijing102206, P.R. China

Current Employer: the Plant Science and Technology Department, Beijing Agricultural College

Position: professor in Plant Pathology

Fax:  86-1080796917

E-mail:  liuzhengping8882000@

 Educational Background:

   B.A in Agriculture Graduated from the Department of agronomy of the Innermongolia Agricultural University. Majored in Plant Protection

Working Experience:

1982-2004      Work in the Innermongolia Agricultural University , as a Plant Pathology Assistant , a lecturera Associate Professor, a Professor.

2004 till now   Work in the Beijing University of Agriculture , as a Plant Pathology Professor.

 Scholar Award:

Have published several articles:*Author for correspondence

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