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Ma lanqing
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Personal information

Professor Lanqing Ma, born in Heyang of Shanxi Province of China. Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Jilin University in 2005. Vice Dean of Biological Sciences and Engineering Department, Beijing University of Agriculture. Associate Director of Urban Agriculture (North) Key Laboratory, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. Leader of the scientific research team of "Molecular regulation of economical plant secondary metabolites and metabolic engineering" of the Key Laboratory. Master Instructor. Executive director of Jilin Botanical Association. From 2005 to 2008, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Molecular and Developmental Biology Division, Institute of Botany, CAS. From 2008 to 2009, Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Chemistry, Boston University, USA. 

Research interests

Mainly focus on molecular regulation of plant secondary metabolites biosynthesis and metabolic engineering. Biosynthesis studies on valuable natural secondary metabolites by means of the functional genomics, biochemistry and metabonomics. Main achievements include 16 SCI publications, 6 authorizations of the National Invention Patents, first Prize winner of the provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. Awarded the advanced young scientist by the Botanical Association of China (2004). Honored the outstanding graduate student of Jilin University (2005). Honored Beijing young outstanding teachers (2011). Teaching the courses of Plant Physiology and Developmental Biology in the university.



1Ma LQ, Liu BY, Gao DY, Pang XB, Lv SY, Yu HS, Wang H, Yan F, Li ZQ, Li YF*, Ye HC*. Molecular cloning and overexpression of a novel UDP-glucosyltransferase elevating salidroside levels in Rhodiola sachalinensis. Plant Cell Rep2007 (26), 989-999 (SCI IF=2.5).

2Ma LQ, Gao DY, Wang YN, Wang HH, Zhang JX, Pang XB, Hu TS, Lv SY , Li GF, Ye HC*, Li YF*, Wang H. Effects of Overexpression of Endogenous Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PALrs1) on Accumulation of Salidroside in Rhodiola sachalinensis. Plant Biology 2008 (10), 323-333 (SCI IF=2.4).

3Ma LQ, Pang XB, Shen HY, Pu GB, Wang HH, Lei CY, Wang H, Li GF, Liu BY*, Ye HC* A novel type III polyketide synthase encoded by a three-intron gene from Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. Planta 2009 229 (3), 457-469 (SCI IF=3.4).

4Ma LQ, Guo YW, Gao DY, Ma DM, Li GF, Liu BY, Wang H*, Ye HC*. Identification of a Polygonum cuspidatum three-intron gene encoding a type III polyketide synthase producing both naringenin and p-hydroxybenzalacetone. Planta 2009 229 (4), 1077-1086 (SCI IF=3.4).

5Yu HS, Ma LQ (Co-first-author), Zhang JX, Shi GL, Hu YH*. Characterization of glycosyltransferases responsible for salidroside biosynthesis in Rhodiola sachalinensis. Phytochemistry 2011 72 (9), 862-870 (SCI IF=3.4).


Contact information

Telephone (office): +86-10-80797305