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Zhang Zian
Author: Time:2013-10-17 20:00:26

Zhang Zian, hometown in donggang city of Liaoning province,1982 year 1 month graduated from the department of mining engineering in Liaoning Technical University.He is a Professor of biological sciences and biological Engineering  General party branch Secretary. Director of labour protection in the national mine safety Association. 

  Research interests: soil ecological control, mining and security. A lecture on "geology and geomorphology" and "mine pressure and control" and so on. Has won the "teaching exemption from quality teachers", "advanced individual of Beijing agricultural college undergraduate course teaching level evaluation" and other honorary titles.

  Representative results: participation has national philosophy social sciences "75" research planning focus project "Chinese middleschool education mode research", research results into "Chinese middleschool education mode research anthology";1996 years Chinese for strengthening mine regulations construction, reference developed experience, promotion mine security and sustainable development, and for national NPC developed Chinese mine security management regulations provides information basis, on this for has project research. Participated in this study and in support of the relevant departments and the concerted efforts by members of the research group, conclusion as scheduled and published a book, the mine safety regulations in foreign countries.

  Contact information: phone80795512;