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Ji Qianlong
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:52:57

Dr. Ji Qian-long, male, native of Shanxi Province,  graduated from Shandong Agricultural University, Member of Chinese Society  of Plant Biology and International Society for Horticultural Science ISHS.

Associate professor, Master tutor, the director of Center of Tissue Culture, and the deputy dean of the graduate school, Beijing University of Agriculture.

The fruit tree germplasm resource utilization and innovation; Currently,  host and participate in the national natural science foundation of China , Beijing natural science foundation projects, the Beijing municipal science and technology commission.

Subjects in the research at present: the Production and Application of fermentation broth; Study on the High Throughout  Bioreactor Technology  for Reproduction of Strawberry seedlings

Published 25 papers,  compiled textbook 3 copies. Since 2006, the Chinese agricultural science award, Beijing science and technology award, Beijing agricultural technology extension awards, 8; Beijing University of Agriculture  Teaching Pacesetter title, 2. Beijing University of Agriculture  Teaching Achievement Prizes , 2.

Main teaching courses, Plant physiology, Biological Evolution, Fruit Merchandising , etc.


[Representative results]

Effects on the Iron Content and Photosynthetic Characteristics of the Leaves of Iron Chlorosis Apple Trees with Apple Fermentation Broth.  

Scientia Agricultura Sinica: 2012,45(3):489-495

Induction of early resistance response to Alternaira alternate fsp mali in apple leaves with apple and chitosan fermentation broth. Acta Ecologica Sinica201232(7):2239-2247

Effects of apple fermentation broth on chelating capability of Fe2 + and iron-deficient Malus hupehensis var pingyiensis seedlings

Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science: 2013 19( 2) : 517-522

Production and application of nutritive solution from plants on tree fruit.


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