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Li Yisong
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:48:50

[Basic circumstance]

Li Yisong, male, associate professor, master tutor. Graduated from Anhui Agriculture University in 1983, received bachelor of agriculture, and in the same University received the Agricultural Master degree in 1989, gained the Agricultural Doctor degree at the Nanjing Agriculture University in 1999. Engaged in crop physiology, crop cultivation and farming teaching and research.

[Main courses]

Undergraduate: "Plant physiology", "crop cultivation", "Environmental Biology";

Graduate: "Theory and practice of crop cultivation ", "crop physiology".

[Main research directions]

1 The mechanism and regulation of crop growth and development;

2 The crop environment and nutrition physiology.

Successively presided and participated in more than 17 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation and the provincial and ministerial level key projects.

[Representative results]

Awarded the second prize two times and the third prize two times for progress of provincial science and technology; breeded the two crop varieties; edited the "plant physiology", co-edited "crop cultivation" ; Published more than 40 scientific research papers .


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