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Wan Shanxia
Author: Time:2013-10-17 19:44:10

Wan Shanxia, master of science , associate professor

Graduated from the Biology Department of Hebei Normal University in 1984. Taught  in Biology Department of Hebei Langfang Teachers College in 1984  - 1986 . enrolled in the Biology Department of Hebei Normal University In 1986  , engaged in plant stress physiology, with Professor Li Yunyin and Professor Hu Ronghai.  Received  the degree of master of science In 1989.  Worked in Beijing biochemical pharmaceutical factory In 1989  -1992, engaged in biochemical drug development. 1992 -1996 in Beijing Ya Dong Biological Products Co., Ltd., deputy chief engineer.  Taught in  Beijing University of Agriculture College of biological science and engineering In 1996, engaged in plant physiology and biochemistry and enzyme engineering.

In the meantime, presided over the completion of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission subject, participated in and complete the National Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Municipal Science and technology topics. Published more than 10 academic papers, deputy editor of three books.

Now carry out the main research aspects of Pleurotus eryngii and immobilization of laccase, the main work of Pleurotus eryngii mycelium growth conditions of liquid culture, Pleurotus eryngii liquid culture conditions for laccase production from research, the immobilized laccase and its properties of Pleurotus  eryngii.