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Introduction of Biological Engineering Major
Author: Time:2013-09-30 15:21:28

General Introduction:

Biological Engineering is the biology-based engineering discipline which integrates life sciences with engineering. Its goal is to advance fundamental understanding of how living organisms work and to employ the knowledge and methods of modern biology and engineering to create usable,environmentally friendly products. Biological Engineering Major in BUA, was found in 2006, which is belong to Department of Biological Engineering. The main courses include Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Cell Engineering, Protein and Enzyme Engineering, Biological Separation Technology, etc. In addition, there also include Course Practices, Professional Practice and Scientific Research Training. Students are required to finish at least 165 credits of courses before they can apply for the Bachelor Degree of Engineering during the period from three to six years.

Education Objectives and Requirements:

The objective of Biological Engineering Major is to cultivate students who have the basic knowledge of biology and engineering, natural sciences and humanities knowledge. After graduation, they will be talents in the biotechnology and engineering related fields such as production of biological engineering products, industrial design, production management, development of new technology and new product.

      The knowledge, ability and quality that graduates should have include:

n  A good career ethics, social responsibility and quality.

n  Mastering basic theory and knowledge of biology and engineering disciplines, obtaining the solid foundation in English and basic qualities of computer and information science.

n  The preliminary ability to engage in the production, research and development of bio-engineering product and technical management.

n  Being familiar with the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations in the field of biological engineering.

n  Pursuing advanced degrees in engineering and related professional fields.