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Training Objectives

   The major would make students acquire strongbasis forphysics and chemistry, international perspective and rigorous scientific thinking through training. Students would acquire the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of Biological Science and Technology through professional theory and skill training, which would make students engage in teaching, scientific research and biological technology industry, students would be inter-disciplinary talents through training.

Training Requirements

   According to the requirements of knowledge, ability and quality developments, the students would major in the basis of physics and chemistry, Biology andrelated basic knowledge and theory, students would training thinking development and basic skill for basic research and application of Biotechnology, students would master scientific theory and acquire ability of Biotechnology research.

 Graduates would acquire the following aspects of the knowledge, ability and quality

  1. 1.     Students would acquire a good work ethic, high degree of social responsibility and rich cultural scientific literacy.

  2. 2.     Students would acquire basic theoryand knowledge of Biology, a strongbasis forphysics and chemistry and quality of computer,informatics and humanities & social sciences.

  3. 3.     Students would master basicexperimental techniques of cell engineering, genetic engineering, protein engineering and Biochemistry &Molecular Biology.

  4. 4.     Students would acquire comprehensive application of theoretical knowledge and skill, ability of engaging in the field of biotechnology and its related product development.

  5. 5.     Students would be familiar with biological technology industry, intellectual property, biosafety regulations and other relevant policies and regulations.

  6. 6.     Students would understand the history of development, current situation, domestic and international research fronts, and the latest technology developments, as well as industry trends.

  7. 7.     Students would acquire the ability of scientific research and actual working, ability of critical thinking; Students would acquire potential of social adjustment and advanced studies, and the initial capacity of dealing with crisis and emergencies.

  8. 8.     Students would acquire international views, and the ability of exchange, competition and cooperation.


Main Subjects

Biology,medicine, agriculture.

Core curriculum

 General biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, plant (animal) physiology, cytobiology, molecular biology, cell engineering, gene engineering etc.

Major practice

Comprehensive experiment, scientific research training, specialty practice, thesis etc.

Major specialized experiment

 General biology experiment, biochemistry experiment, genetics experiment, plant (animal) physiology experiment, cytobiology experiment, microbiology experiment, cell engineering experiment, molecular biology and genetic engineering experiment etc.

Period of study: 4 years

Award a degree: Bachelor of Science